Perfect Family Home

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In this Sims 4 stop motion video I will show you how to create spacious and bright house for a large family. The house has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. On the first floor there is a great living room, a stylish kitchen combined with the dining room and a garage. In the backyard there is a lovely patio and pool, and a beautiful tree house.
Timecodes for your comfort:
0:00 In today's video
0:12 Wall construction
0:57 Landscaping
1:52 First floor interior
5:13 Backyard layout and Tree House
7:14 First floor plan
7:19 Second floor interior
10:57 Second floor plan
Gallery ID: theInSims
Location: Brindleton Bay, Sable Square, Domus Familiaris, 30x30
The house does not include mods or custom content. All paintings in the house are artworks which you can find in the Gallery. I want to thank Catatron16 for sharing these beautiful creations.

Before placing enter the code - bb.moveobjects
This lot need:
-Snowy Escape
-Eco Lifestyle
-Island Living
-Get Famous
-Cats & Dogs
-City Living
-Get Together
-Get To Work

-Dream Home Decorator
-Jungle Adventure
-Dine Out
-Spa Day
-Outdoor Retreat

-Paranormal Stuff
-Tiny Living
-Moschino Stuff
-Laundry Day
-Toddler Stuff
-Vintage Glamour Stuff
-Backyard Stuff
-Kids Room Stuff
-Movie Hangout Stuff
-Cool Kitchen Stuff
-Perfect Patio Stuff

-Holiday Celebration Pack

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ES_So Get Ready (Instrumental Version) - spring gang
ES_Can't Make Up My Mind (Instrumental Version) - Gloria Tells
ES_You'll Get It (Instrumental Version) - OTE
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